Social Events

FUN for your Guests with Social Engagment

Fun Raising with Event Photo Booth Rental


Want more people at your event?  Share your mission with a greater audience. Reach them through social media!  Include a donate now link with the delivery of every digital image.

Include branding in your sponsorship packages to entice more substantial donations.  Photo booth rental at your event increases awareness and best of all Increases Fun!

A man poses with his wife and 2 adolescent children for a photobooth at a cancer charity event -- a great way to make memories for a great cause!
7 women celebrate a girls birthday party

 We can provide the ultimate photo booth rental Baton Rouge experience at your social event. It’s the perfect way to infuse fun and increase awareness for your organization.

Special Events

It’s all about user experience – Custom micro sites and branding. We have stunning graphics, creative themed green screens, and state of the art equipment.

Bring your holiday party to the next level with photo booth rental. Our rentals are crazy fun, coworker bonding and great memories (pictures) hanging in your office.

3 young women toast with champagne for social events photo booth rentals
4 women pose with signs, masks, and hats on a purple sequin backdrop at a leadership event

We help you take your holiday parties to the next level. We are giving your guests an event to remember.  With our photo booth rental services, your event will be a huge success. 


Whether it’s the Blues Festival or the Red Stick Food Fest, a photo booth rental brings visibility to your brand. Great for corporate sponsors or small businesses, bringing awareness and messaging.

social events photo booth rental
Man and Woman holding maracas in front of a green screen

You can even add to the fun by putting a heartfelt thank message in the delivery of every photo! Think about how your guests will feel after receiving your personal message.

Holiday Season or Any Season

Young group with Christmas props posing for a holiday event photo booth rental
Four young women holding silly signs for a halloween inspired event photo booth rental

BRPBC’s sleek open-air booths fit almost anywhere and make a significant impact in messaging and always draw a crowd!